With a husband who works a rotating schedule it is not often that we end up with days off that fall on the weekend. So, when they do it is worth noting, especially when they are enjoyable days!
While shopping with Christmas money I made it a point to buy clothes that were a bit more fashionable than my norm. *Let's pause to note that the last time I purchased a bulk amount of clothes my parents were still buying my clothes (we are going to look past the fact that they contributed to the clothes money as part of my Christmas gift) ... since I'm not the baby of the family that was 10+ years ago! By getting myself dressed and ready more often, and in clothes I like, my mood has been much happier. Pathetic, but it is what it is. I'm going to count this as a positive that I realized I was in a slump and was pulled out of it with a little wardrobe make over. We all have our vices, apparently clothes are one of mine. I guess there are only so many days I can wear t-shirts and tennis shoes.
This girl has brought me out of my shell in more ways than one. I am so thankful for this friendship!

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby with my fashion liaison and interior decorating reassurance resulted in an updated kitchen/dining area. I saw a Facebook sign the other day that read, "Lord please don't let me see another sale for I am weak." #truth

These make me happy so they will stay... and everything else might have to go, or be turned into something else. Ain't nobody got money for that.

This morning I had to wake Karoline up to go to church. This never happens! She wasn't thrilled but we managed to have a nice morning and my husband and I ended up matching. I also had an excuse to wear my new boots! 
 I scored on his shirt, $9 on a Macy's door busters sale! 
These boots were $22 down from $45. They are comfortable for about 2.2 hours, that's it. *Ya'll this is my bedroom and it is in need of some serious decorating help. 2016 is our year of updating and redecorating our house. One month at a time and one room at a time! 

As the weekend draws to a close we are doing what all Coloradans should be doing, celebrating in the loss of the Patriots and cheering on the Bronco's while meal planning (some may not be doing the last part, the first is not negotiable). I've never written down my resolutions. This year I felt it was more than a great idea to find ways to improve. We all have room for improvement! 

This year's goals for self improvement, resolutions if you will: 
  1. Start and end each day in prayer
  2. Meal plan for a month at a time. 
  3. Be present
I'll find any excuse to use my fine point sharpies and hopefully save a little money ... 

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