Sweet Karoline, You're Four

Karoline, when I was pregnant with you I walked to the mailbox every day. Ashamedly, I felt like this counted as exercise. After you were born, the first place I went on my own was to the mail box. I felt free and a bit of normalcy in that half of a block walk. I had a very hard time leaving you or anyone leaving us at the time, this was a big step for me.

When we moved into our condo in Golden you and I would walk to the park every day and grab the mail on our way by. I would read it as we sat and you watched the world go by in your stroller. Eventually you learned to play on the toys. You took yourself down the slide at 10 months old and my mail reading had to wait until we returned home.

After another move and getting settled into our house we would walk to the mail box around the corner.  Most of the time you would ride in your, "beep beep" to go get the mail. Over the last two years you have evolved to helping me push your sister in the stroller, when she will let you, or riding your bike. A few weeks ago I thought I saw something when we were getting the mail but I somewhat refused to believe it.

Low and behold just a few short days later you had figured it for yourself.

Before turning four you have grown tall enough to open the mail box! I wasn't prepared for this to effect me like it has. These pictures force me to realize you really are growing before my eyes.

Today, on your fourth birthday, I'm reminded that you will continue to grow as the years pass. My darling girl, you are kind, compassionate and loving. You have become a beautiful young lady, inside and out, and we love you so very much. Happy birthday, Karoline!

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