To the wife who's husband doesn't work normal hours...

To the wife who's husband doesn't work normal hours,

It stinks, doesn't it? Sitting at the table on Saturday morning listening to your kids play, scream and sing, by yourself. Falling asleep with your husband one night, but not the next. Staying up long past being tired so that you can make sure that none of the noises you hear (which are never there when your husband is home) are a threat. Waking up to an empty bed. Getting meals ready at different times every few days to accommodate the ever changing schedule. Finding ways to get out of the house when he is on night shifts or shushing a child all day long. Finding things to keep you busy, because twelve hour shifts are long, too long to be home all day. Asking friends to join you for adventures, but none are available because their husbands are home. Finding it nearly impossible to keep up with housework or do any project of any sort because of the changing schedule and wanting to soak up all of the time that they are home. Not finding time to work out, the changing schedule doesn't allow for a routine. Watching your husband leave and return from work with the same red, tired eyes. Waiting to have important conversations until you know he has had some decent sleep. Not asking for help with the kids because you know he's already had a long day. Going to events, many events, on your own. Celebrating holidays when you can. Doing what you have to do to survive just you and the kids and then transitioning to the dynamic of him being home (a welcome change, but a change). Taking the kids to appointments, on your own. Missing your husband even though you see him every day (for a few hours before he's asleep).

I definitely took for granted the fact that my dad worked from 7am-3pm, Monday-Friday and that my mom's schedule matched his. What a blessing that was.

I recognize that compared to a husband who is deployed, an ever changing schedule is a welcome nuisance.

To my husband, and the all the husbands who also have odd hours, thank you for providing for your family. You are appreciated beyond measure!

To the wives who are reading this, you aren't alone. After living in a bigger city for five years now, I realize that not normal, is normal. Whatever your hours are today, you are strong, we are strong! Through it all we keep our husbands and families afloat. Go us! My children are dressing themselves, I guess they are telling me it's time to figure out what to do to keep us busy today!

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