Family Time

The girls and I haven't been to Cañon City in over 4 months. I am so thankful for nice weather that made the trip just wonderful! I love my home town but I almost refuse to go visit unless it is warm enough for us to be outside. Thankfully in Southern Colorado the weather is more mild. The last few days were exceptionally nice and we had lots of adventures! Tim and I even got to go out on a sushi date. Having grandparents around to watch the girls is a true blessing.
Karolines likes the golf cart more than her golf clubs. She liked the donut that Ricky Day, the pro shop manager I've known since I was Karoline's age, gave her even more ...
I can't hit my brothers new clubs. He's pretty amazing though.
I got to go meet new baby Brady Baughman (I was too busy holding him to take pictures) while super Papa watched the girls.
The girls got to do Yoga at Nana's school. I love watching my mom with the kids at her school. She has a place in her heart for all of them.
My parents watched the girls so I could go get my hair done. This is my first "cut" -not just a trim- in 20 years (I hate that I'm old enough to say 20 years)! This wasn't my plan, I LOVE my long hair but apparently you have to get it done more than once a year to avoid split ends for up to 6" of hair. Thank you, Jan for taking care of me!

After getting my hair done I went next door to our CPA's office. While waiting I knew I recognized the voice on the other side of the door. When it opened, sure enough, it was the mom of a friend that I grew up golfing with. She gave me such a genuine and sweet hug, I haven't seen her in over 10 years. I loved it. These are the small town moments that make me miss "home" and make me even more thankful that we are only a two and a half hour drive away. 

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  1. Loved having a salon day with you yesterday! Your hair looks amazing and you are so beautiful! I am glad you had such a great visit home for the few days! Can't wait until I see you again!