Hey Girl...

Hey girl, I know you’re upset, confused, emotional and quite frankly, don’t know what’s wrong or why you feel the way you feel sometimes.
Hey girl, I know you don’t think you can just start out of no where. 
Hey girl, I know you don’t have time or energy.
Hey mama, I know your babies might cry when you leave.
Hey mama, I know the house will be a mess when you come back.
Hey mama, I know often times you don’t feel like you. 

Hey woman, I know it’s hard to be you. 

One more time for the ladies in the back...
Life is hard and there are so many reasons why you just can’t. 

You, way back there, are you listening? Go for a walk, take a step out of the house and out of your daily routine. Give yourself an hour of the day for you. 

Hey ladies, find a place or a group of women who support you every step of the way. Mama, find a routine that works for you, even if that means giving up a precious hour of sleep in the early morning light. 

Women of the world, hear me, you will never regret getting out, taking time for you and catapulting your day, mood, emotions and your health with an endorphin high! 

Mama, I know you, I was you. I could barley breathe, I was drowning. 

Struggling woman, I’ve been working out for two and a half routinely steady years. But today, today I wanted to quit. I put my head down in the ground, I didn’t think I could do it. Then I looked around at all the women working hard and got back up. I can do it. My body can do amazing things. My body, my workout, my speed and my weight, but with the support of other strong women. It’s me that I’m working for, it’s me that I have to strengthen: mind and body. 

Little lady, you are beautiful. Curvy lady, you are beautiful. From A to Z, when you take a step forward to better yourself, you better ALL those around you. Today, without the support of women around me, I wouldn’t have kept going.  

Daughter, wife, mama, lady, girl or woman: Taking time to go to the gym or fit in a workout isn’t selfish, far from it. When you’re able to be your best you, you can be the best for your “them.” 

Find the place in your heart where you want to stop the car, climb to the top of a snow bank and take a picture. Find your fun again, find your smile again, and then keep going back to whatever form of workout it is that allows you to feel the freedom of being happy! Mama, when you fall out of the routine, pick yourself up and start again. 

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