The Reason for Red

When we bought our house in Westminster we felt it was a gift. The buyers before us backed out. We were asked if we would resubmit our offer without the owners re-listing. And so, we bought our house. We loved our first home. We painted the door red because thought it felt right.

In the midst of what is going on in our world today I've been extremely thankful that we are back in a home of our own (the house my husband built) We acknowledge that we were technically homeless for two years.

I've always been a germaphobe. Tim does not have a spleen and can't always even fight the common cold. Ya'll, my A-Type, over the top, clean freak of a self is going crazy with the really nasty germs floating around in 2020. 

I've had some pretty significant high and low days in the last three and a half weeks (we went on self induced quarantine the day we went on spring break, March 12th). I'm finding this isn't uncommon. Most of the people I talk to admit to some ups and downs.

When we lived in Westminster I got to start a bible study with four of the most incredible women I've ever know. We also just so happened to live on the same block! We moved before we could finish the study, but the seed was planted. I asked my aunt to read it with me. She's such a genuine friend that she didn't even hesitate and jumped right in with me. She held me accountable and we would talk daily about what we were reading. It was incredible and changed my life.

The name of the bible study is, Seamless. The way this study presents the bible makes so much sense to me and allows me to really feel comfortable reading it. When this quarantine is all said and done, I will be getting the word "Seamless" tattooed on my wrist. I've wanted it for a while now and not being able to get it has really sealed the deal on knowing that I'm ready!

In the study I learned that bible is all woven together, every aspect of it. Not only the bible, but my story is as well. In my life there are often times where I look back and I can see all of the beautiful and intricate pieces and how they were put together so perfectly. I often refer to these realizations as a silverzlining or a gold thread. My story is known from beginning to end, it is seamless, and God is the author.

Today I needed to be reminded of this. The last few days fear has ruled my life. Today I watched our Flatirons Church service and the hope and incredible light that is coming from the darkness of these days is beautiful. 

While cleaning the floors (something that helps me not be anxious) I listened to one of my very favorite people preach. Dr. Scott Middleton and his family showed me the love of Jesus when I was in middle school and I am extremely grateful. His message today was powerful. It was a reminder of how much God loves his people, how He shows up time and time again when all seems lost and impossible. While listening I had an epiphany. I remembered that the Seamless bible study talked about the symbolism of the color red. Be it a red cord, red blood above a door, and ultimately the blood shed by Jesus.

I had bought red paint for our door last summer. I had wavered and thought about painting the door a dark navy blue. Today, while listening to Dr. Middleton's sermon I knew that from this day forward our front door will always be red. 

Our red door is a symbol to remember God provides for his people. He cares about His people and ultimately He is in control. He does not promise His people that they won't endure hard times. He does promise us that He will always be present.

In an outward sign of faith I washed this door and painted it red. I recognize that my fear and anxiety in the last few weeks has not been me leading by example. I am pretty ashamed in admitting this. If I am a believer in Christ I better have the actions to back it up.

I can still do the best I can to protect my family. However, it will be because I feel in my heart this is what is right for us. It will not be a reaction to fear. I will find hope, grace, and light in the darkness, always. I will be thankful.

I pray every person who sees this door or walks through it is reminded of the our God who has shown us time and time again that we are loved.
If you're still reading this and have questions or comments, please ask! I don't always have the right answer, but I'm pretty good at finding what I don't know. Also, please consider this a formal invitation to join us for Easter. This coming Sunday, April 12, 2020, I want to be watching church "with" you! At 9 or 11, jump on YouTube and search "Flatirons Community Church." Or you can watch on their facebook page.
Further more, I pray that every person who may read this may have even a mustard seed size faith in knowing that good can come from bad because God's light will shine in the darkness. Always.

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