Sven's Journal: Day 1

My mum is back home! Last Spring her and the tiny girls were all home every day and I loved it so much. This time it's just mum, but it seems like she has to trick the tiny people into thinking she's still going to work. She got dressed and put all of her stuff in the car, but she came home and got it all back out again. That's silly, she has to know they will figure out eventually that she's not actually going to work. Well, maybe not the little one, she's kind of clueless some times. 

She looks like she's handling this well. She's already vacuumed and cleaned the floor. She's so silly, doesn't she know I'm just going to get it dirty in about an hour? She already bought some stuff from that place called Amazon, how many pairs of joggers and running shorts does one mum need? I guess it's a lot because she got more today, she kept saying something about them only being $16 dollars and that's some sort of steal. Maybe that's what mum's do when they are stuck at home, I wish she would buy me a stuffed animal that won't loose it's head when I chew on it. She talked to all of the kids in her classes on the computer, she sounded so happy to be able to see them and talk to them all at once in the same place. I can tell she really cares about them. 

She's moving, she's grabbing the leash, what's going on here? Ah, we are going on a bike ride! 

Holy. Poop. You guys, I'm exhausted. Mum is trying to kill me. Before you worry yourself that we left the house, I advise you to recognize that I have a super good nose and mom took us on a trail where I didn't see or smell a single other person, not one, so chill. Don't ruin this for me, apparently I'm super out of shape. 

On our way home mum kept saying things like, "I could totally be a stay at home dog mom, do you think that's a thing, Sven?" I think she likes spending time with me, I could get used to this. 

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