Is blogging dead? It might be, but I'm here anyway... 

Some nights my heart yearns to express the words hidden inside. I can't sleep until I get them out. 

Lately, quite often in the last year, there are days when I feel so completely undeserving of the life I'm living. I'm beyond thankful and grateful for every person and event that has taken part in my life. Then on the flip side there are days where a misstep, unplanned moment, or falter from the normal can derail me. I'm learning to focusing on these times. To identify them, acknowledge them, and then find faith and be thankful.

One year ago we weren't sure we would return to school. We didn't. 

This year I woke up on the Monday after spring break, thankful for my job, my students, and the realization that my job is bigger. 

If I walk into work every day working for my students, or my direct boss, or the superintendent, my day has the potential to be full of complaints and frustration. However, if I walk in knowing the work I'm doing is for the Lord, then how can my day go wrong? If I know that each moment is one in which I can bring Him glory, I have to take the opportunity to do so. 

Have you been complaining? Are you tired? Irritated? 

Refocus your day, know that you are bigger. You are making a difference. Those around you need your positive energy and by you fueling them, they will begin to reflect your light. 

We are in this together, make each day count. 

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